Scott Sykes is an entrepreneur, serial inventor, and sports enthusiast. Pro Game Changer products reflect his passion for continuous improvement and his commitment to share that passion, and his inventions, with people at every level of their chosen sport and help them to realize the improvements that he constantly seeks in his own performance.

A former professional rodeo cowboy, Scott has a life-long love for sports. “I love sports because of the passionate people you meet and the lessons competition teaches us about friendship, loyalty, and commitment to excellence. Things that enable success in life. Things I have learned from sports will help me teach my son, JR.”

As a boy growing up in Texas, Scott was an intensely competitive tri-sport athlete, playing football, baseball and basketball, sports he would continue to play through high school. Scott embarked on his rodeo career in middle school, riding rough stock (that’s bucking horses and steer for you city-slickers). Coached by his family, and shuttled to weekly competitions by his father, Scott specialized in calf roping and enjoyed immediate success, winning his age group in many of the weekly rodeos across north Texas. At age 20, Scott turned professional and became one of the first rodeo cowboys to obtain corporate sponsorship (from Outback Steakhouse).

Scott is an avid golfer and tennis player. “Golf is a great social activity. I took up the sport to spend time with my friends when some college buddies wanted to go golfing. I bought my first set of clubs at a pawn shop. The social experience, the friendly competition, the camaraderie—I was hooked. Later my wife April encouraged me to take up tennis. It was a great way for us to spend time together, and it helped me stay healthy and athletic because it’s a physically demanding sport, like rodeo.”

Scott resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife April and son JR. He owns and operates Pro Game Changer, which creates performance improvement sports products. He is the inventor of the Sidekick golf caddy and Game Changer Mobile. “I’m very excited about both products – simple but revolutionary. They’ve improved my game, and I know they can help other people improve theirs.”