Use Sidekick Caddy for Cart Path Only Days

Cart path only days

I'm all for saving the course and getting extra exercise in on a rainy day, but nothing is worse than being 50 yards from your cart and realizing you left your sand wedge back at home base!  Cart path only days can be somewhat challenging logistically and that's why it's one of our favorite days to have Sidekick Caddy.

Load your Sidekick Caddy up with your high irons, wedges, and putter and you'll be all set to finish up the hole no matter how far you're away from your golf cart.  You can also store extra balls in the caddy so you don't have to load your pockets up and thrown off your swing - although you then lose that excuse!

Another advantage of cart path only days is the course is less crowded... so the next time rain is in the forecast, embrace the cart path only day but be sure to take along the Sidekick Caddy!


How to Record Your Tennis Lesson

How to record your tennis lesson

Game Changer can be used many different ways - in fact, you can even use it to record your tennis lessons.  We're not claiming to have come up with this great idea, but we have created a product to make it happen.  All you have to do is hang the game changer off the tennis net, put in your smart phone, and hit record!

Tennis lessons are expensive and you might as well maximize your time.  If you record your lessons on your phone, you can go back and watch them many times over.  You can even use it to record your tennis swing to track your progress!

Giveaway: $100 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card

The Masters are over and it's time to get back to YOUR game!  Here's your chance to get back on the green with the tools you need from Dick's.  Enter here to win a $100.00 Dick's Sporting Goods gift card and increase your chances of scoring big by completing all entries:

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No More Losing Golf Clubs

Nothing is more frustrating than losing golf clubs.  Maybe it was the summer heat in Dallas or one too many refreshing beverages, but after I finally made it to a sand trap 30 yards from the green, I reached for my sand wedge only to realize I must have left it at the last hole.  I improvised and went with a wedge, but there was no way I'd give up my club.

Since it was a club I actually like, I knew I had to go back and find it.  As I turned my cart around, I dreaded the "walk of shame" as the golfers playing behind us clearly knew what was happening.  Sure enough, they had found my club and handed it to me as I drove up.

Now, I take my caddy with me and add my three most important clubs.